Wednesday, January 7, 2009

over the pond and in a moss mountain town on the eastern glow.

i think my life would be simpler and sweeter if i lived in this album.

then i would go to petra or christ the redeemer, or machu picchu.
it's always been amazing to me that man could have constructed these things without the instruments and tools we have today. and then to see them here, thousands of years later just kind of hanging out and being all like, booya earth!
especially petra. anything that could have been mentioned in the old testament could kick anybody's ass.
i guess i've always gotten really excited about old buildings and historic sites. i like to think about the fact that people actually used those places and didn't just look at them or took pictures of them. maybe i should have been a historian. historian hannah.

while we are talking about wonders of the world, you should go here and explore and vote for what you think a new wonder of the world should be. there are a lot of cool places out there, guys.

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  1. oh hey.
    fancy finding you here.
    i like that you have a blog.
    and i like you.
    remember that, okay?