Monday, November 15, 2010

missed connections.

lately spending my days reading classics and watching zombie movies.

probably one of my least favorite things about working at a restaurant is when people come in about 10 minutes till closing and want to order food. now, there are usually two types of these kinds of people.

the first type is the people that come in, guns blazing, shirts tucked and with a little gumption tacked onto their 'tudes. these people come in, 10 minutes till close and say, 'i would like a hamburger and fries, please'. and i'm all like, 'sure thing'. but in my mind, i am really thinking you suck. however, there is a second type of people i care for even less than the first.

this group of second types are the the kind souls that come in apologizing profusely, completely insecure on whether or not they should be stepping foot in the restaurant still, maybe not even sure if they really want that chicken salad sandwich or not. the interaction usually goes as follows:

i notice the door slowly- ever so slowly- opening. a customer peeks their head through as if entering into a sauna full of fat, sweaty men.

me: hello! how are you?

customer: ...hello? gooood. can i still get something to eat?

me: sure, order up!

customer: ....are you sure? i know you are about to close.

me: yeah, of course. what can i get you?

watching the minutes tick away, thinking this is all really, really unnecessary.

customer: i mean, i don't want to put you out. i don't have to eat here.

me: no, really. it's fine. what would you like?

customer: well is there something that is faster than others for the kitchen to make?

me: it doesn't really matter, you can order whatever you are wanting. really.

at this point, i am getting irritated and am starting to wonder if this person is doing this on purpose.

customer: because, i mean, i know it really sucks when people come in at closing and order something to eat.

me: yes. but it is fine.

customer: okay, well then if you are sure....(a pause that is obviously waiting for me to consent just one more time)... let me look at a menu!

me: great (fake smile).

by this time, it is actually closing time and we could have wrapped all this up like 9 minutes ago??? and i could be waving him farewell as he jumps into his land rover with his' way too late to be eating dinner' dinner and then i could go home as well.

the point is, yes, kind souls are good people. and usually, being kind and compassionate towards other people will get you anywhere in the world. but sometimes, you gotta stick to your guns and march in there and just lay down the law. like a cowboy that will make everyone happier in the end.

also, shake 'em loose.

Monday, November 8, 2010

real housewives marathons and hoarders all day.

he's on a horse. and someday, i'll make him be mine.

and also this. these guys are some kind human beings and write the loveliest melodies. good things come from oklahoma.

happy fall and happy thanksgiving and happy red leaves.