Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

You know that saying, about the bee’s knees? When someone invokes in you that delighted feeling of ultimate contentment? When your heart feels so swollen with affection for them that you think it might just burst inside your bones? And that someone makes you feel all fancy, and invaluably valued? They are your bee’s knees.

Did I find you or you find me?

This song, "This Must Be The Place" by Talking Heads is about finding that person who is your bee’s knees. It’s simple, it’s perfect. It’s hopeful and silly and it is what love is all about. There really is no need for analysis, it is what it is. Maybe that is why I like it so much, why I can’t explain the happiness it brings me. Because, for the moment, I am alone and on my own. I don’t have my bee’s knees yet, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced that type of love before. And usually, that type of love is all about surprise parties. You know, BOO! LOVE!

And it is also all about going for it. Don’t be scared, just take off. Make it up as you go and have fun and show someone they are worth it, I love the idea of this. Reckless abandonment in the name of passion!

(War cries ensue).

But really, this song I have recently deemed as my favorite song of all time. Out of all the other songs in the world. It has the beats, it has the melody, it has the lyrics. It has the message. And if David Byrne were sitting next to me at this very moment, I would say thank you for sharing and ask him for a bike ride around Austin.

Out of all those kinds of people, you’ve got a face with a view…

This Must Be The Place- Talking Heads

Check out this video from "Stop Making Sense". It is absolutely beautiful.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

pups and props.

i need a big, fluffy, slobbery pup. big+fluffy+slobbery= a best friend who is loyal and true. there was a great pyrenees that frequented a place i used to work that looked like this:

look how preciously cute.
behold how gallantly noble.

and overall affectionately wonderful.
though i don't think he would be too happy here in austin, tex ass with me, i need this polar bear dog in my life and would consider closing up shop for such a treasure.

it wasn't until a few months ago or so, that i realized, hey hannah you are all grown up. and to be honest, i guess i had been waiting for this one moment to happen where the clouds roll back and the trumpets sound and God descends from the heavens with a written scroll declaring, "THIS IS IT. YOU ARE GROWN UP."
but that didn't happen, and that's okay because i've never been one for big hootenannies and to dos. but when i realized it, i understood it, and though sometimes i don't feel like i'm okay, i am anyway. it feels good to my bones to know that i have my family and i have a few friends collected up and i really am just fine.
i am working two jobs. i am cooking my dinners. i am doing my laundry regularly. i figured out my bus routes. i am speaking up for myself. i am letting people know how i feel and i am handling rejection. i am going on dates. i am hanging on to friendships and letting go of friendships when they are ready to be let go of. i am changing and rearranging and although i don't know what i am going to do with my life or what i really really want out of the rest of my life, at least i am close to figuring out me and not the me that others want me to be. cheesy? totally. but not untrue.

whew. it's good to get that out into the world, world.

so how's this for first post back after almost a year? yay? nay?


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

over the pond and in a moss mountain town on the eastern glow.

i think my life would be simpler and sweeter if i lived in this album.

then i would go to petra or christ the redeemer, or machu picchu.
it's always been amazing to me that man could have constructed these things without the instruments and tools we have today. and then to see them here, thousands of years later just kind of hanging out and being all like, booya earth!
especially petra. anything that could have been mentioned in the old testament could kick anybody's ass.
i guess i've always gotten really excited about old buildings and historic sites. i like to think about the fact that people actually used those places and didn't just look at them or took pictures of them. maybe i should have been a historian. historian hannah.

while we are talking about wonders of the world, you should go here and explore and vote for what you think a new wonder of the world should be. there are a lot of cool places out there, guys.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

of all the ridiculous!

first order of business:

hello blogspot world dot com!

now on to more important businesses. i am a loyal peruser (and somewhat loyal partaker) and here is a little ditty that i came across today... are you ready for this??

NEW dog stroller (Tulsa)

This is a new dog stroller. I got it but have never used it. It is green with black frame. It is a 3 n 1. It opens at both ends and top. Has cup holders, and area to put snacks and other small stuff. It is in excelent condition. $50.00

i'm going to pretend like i never saw this, but just know in my heart that whoever invented this is probably just as fatty as their fatty dog.

in other news, i'm back in the blogging world. when i finally decided to rejoin the xang it seems it was the exact time for all my old friends to abandon the xang. poor xang. now i hear this bloggity blogging is the new cool to hit the street? guys?

don't hate me because i'm behind on the times