Tuesday, January 6, 2009

of all the ridiculous!

first order of business:

hello blogspot world dot com!

now on to more important businesses. i am a loyal criagslist.com peruser (and somewhat loyal partaker) and here is a little ditty that i came across today... are you ready for this??

NEW dog stroller (Tulsa)

This is a new dog stroller. I got it but have never used it. It is green with black frame. It is a 3 n 1. It opens at both ends and top. Has cup holders, and area to put snacks and other small stuff. It is in excelent condition. $50.00

i'm going to pretend like i never saw this, but just know in my heart that whoever invented this is probably just as fatty as their fatty dog.

in other news, i'm back in the blogging world. when i finally decided to rejoin the xang it seems it was the exact time for all my old friends to abandon the xang. poor xang. now i hear this bloggity blogging is the new cool to hit the street? guys?

don't hate me because i'm behind on the times

1 comment:

  1. welcome friend.

    p.s. dear me, if i ever see anyone walk down the street i might have to punch them in the face, and send their dog to doggie protective services.