Thursday, July 22, 2010

tator tots.

is summertime and though i am working, i am trying to make it as much of a summertime as it is humanly possible. that means music shows, beers on the porch, fire truck red nail polish, short always dirty hair, late nights with the locusts, early mornings with french presses, swimming in the ol' swimming hole, reading country western novels and of course, creating the perfect summer soundtrack. lately, i have been obsessed with q. lazzarus's 'goodbye horses'. yes, it was that song that buffalo bill drag-danced to in 'silence of the lambs'. but, it is also my nighttime windows down, icee in hand jam session.
goodbye horses.

i move into my new home august 20th. i am most excited about this because i will be living by myself for the first time ever. it is a 400sq. ft. studio, but it has an alcove for my bed, and you know how i like my alcoves. i really like them. no more roomate squabbles. no more other people pet peeves. all the pet peeves will be my own about myself, and that is how i like it.

i saw the bats of austin last night, for the first time since i have ever been here. i was out for a run at dusk (bats or vampires..?) and i realized while standing over the bridge spanning lady bird lake, the boats full of tourists below, and the downtown skyline and hustle bustle behind me that i am so happy in this city
so happy.

buffalo bill bids you, adieu.

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