Monday, January 18, 2010

spring greens.

yes yes. it is january 18th. and it is only january 18th but i have the spring fever. i'm getting all antsy pantsy for warm weather, and frozen lemonades and swimming hole swimming and achy sunburnt skin.

i think that it is this wonderful weather that austin, texas is putting out. if a state could ever put out, it would be this state and it's 74 degree weather in january. what a floozy state.

anyway, in honor of such flirtations, i have made a springtime playlist to welcome in the good vibes. here are some songs that make me feel as such:

1. Built To Spill- Carry The Zero

2. The Faces- Ooh La La

3. Rod Stewart- Maggie May

4. Lykke Li- Little Bit

5. Matt &Kim- Daylight

6. Benji Hughes- Tight Tee Shirt

7. Frightened Rabbit- Good Arms vs. Bad Arms

8. Atmosphere- You

9. Bob Dylan- Wigwam

10. You Can't Always Get What You Want (Remix)- The Rolling Stones

11. Lightspeed Champion- Midnight Surprise

12. Arcade Fire- Wake Up

that's it, people. wake up to the wonderful world of spring and all that comes with it.

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